SolRox™ Ocean Spa Therapy Crystal Lamp in SMALL is designed for the heating your hands and hand-held SolRox™ Crystal. Also ideal for children and for its general cleansing effect on the room.

SolRox™ Ocean Spa Therapy Crystal Lamp, SMALL

SKU: 006
  • SolRox™ Ocean Spa Therapy Crystal Lamp in LARGE is designed for the heating your feet and hand-held SolRox™ Crystal.

    SolRox™ is a naturally derived crystal made by our oceans 250 million years ago, a crystal version of the sea containing the molecular matrix of all complex carbon-based life forms on our planet. In this crystal form, the molecular plasma of the ocean rebalances the mineral equilibrium of your body on contact with the skin, helping to heal muscle and bone damage, reduce tension and stress, improve circulation, increase energy levels, and improve balance, mobility and body temperature.

    Every crystal lamp is unique and of the highest quality.

    Weight: approx 4-6KG. Size: 200mm at the widest point. 


  • We offer a life time guarantee for indoor use and proper treatment (as outlined in our Guide); if you are not satisfied with your purchase it can be exchanged with one of our therapists or at an event close to you.

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