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SOLROX Office Therapy

An innovative approach to improving health and wellbeing in the workplace, SolRox™ puts a spring in the step and a tingle in the toes!

Developed by chiropractors, reflexologists and therapists, Ocean Spa Therapy helps to improve the health issues that impact your business the most; back pain, stress, musculature wear and tear, lack of energy and reduced focus.

SolRox™ is a naturally derived crystal made by ancient oceans 250 million years ago; a crystal version of the sea containing the molecular matrix of all complex carbon-based life forms on our planet. In this crystal form, the molecular plasma of the ocean rebalances the mineral equilibrium of your body on contact with the skin, helping to heal muscle and bone damage, reduce tension and stress, improve circulation, increase energy levels, and improve balance, mobility and body temperature regulation.

Our trained therapists are experts in the SolRox™ product range and other aspects of health and wellbeing in the workplace, combining Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Progressive Reflexology and Nutritional advice to offer a productivity-boosting workplace therapy that is cost-effective, simple and easy to apply. 


Book one of our therapists to visit for your office, or to speak to us to tailor-make a workplace therapy package that suits you and your co-workers. Our contact details are at the foot of the site; give us a call or drop us a line and bring the healing power of the ocean to your office.




Office therapy

In a treatment typically lasting 20-30 minutes, our friendly and knowledgable therapists will show you how to get the most benefit from our range of unique and easy to use healing crystals, designed to slowly melt into the skin to revive and repair, lovingly hand made from the finest quality Halite (crystalline sea salt), which are ethically and environmentally sourced. 

Relax and enjoy a warm or cold 'paddle' in the sea with SolRox™ Ocean Spa Therapy Crystal Healing Lamps, beautifully crafted & designed for multi-purpose applications; feet, hands, joints, muscles, eyes & skin. Most report immediate physical benefits; lighter, improved posture, reduction or elimination of pain, a calmer outlook and a more grounded composure.


SolRox for the feet and legs

For most of us, our feet and legs are the areas that need the most repair and maintenance. SolRox crystals gently melt into the skin, providing the body's natural repair mechanism with everything it needs to build depleted protein material. This happens very quickly and you'll feel the effects in the form of tingling, pulsing and even some aching for deeper repairs. This may also highlight any mis-alignment in your posture or gait, as your blood vessels transport minerals to other areas, especially the lower spine and hips.

SolRox for stress relief

We all get stressed from time to time and small changes in our body chemistry can result in loss of focus, poor decision making, ill health and other issues compounded by our busy lives. SolRox can help to quickly re-balance and give you a calmer, more grounded feeling. Apply the warm or cold crystal to the temple region and wait for the effects. If any sensations are felt elsewhere in the head keep moving the crystal to that location until they ease. Most people experience calming relaxation, with some reporting a light headed sensation and we recommend continuing the application until this resolves.

SolRox for the neck and spine

Whether a relatively new strain, a pre-existing complaint or an old injury from an accident in the past that hasn't completely repaired, your therapist can advise on best practice for using SolRox crystals. But as a rule we apply a warm hand-held crystal to wherever a sensation is felt; tingling usually represents general wear and tear, while aching or pain a deeper repair. Keep the crystal in the exact location until this subsides. Most will disappear completely, but if there is still residual aching or pain we always advise further investigation by a specialist.

SolRox for the head

Our advice is very similar to that for stress relief; apply the warm or cold crystal to the temple region and wait for the effects. Most describe a calming effect, with headaches dissipating relatively quickly. Simply move the crystal to where it is indicating, noting any tingling or pulsing in the neck region which could refer to a primary cause of the issue, which our therapists can advise on.

SolRox for the eyes

Just like our brain, the eyes are full of protein material and we are increasingly using them in ways that are causing wear and tear. Watching TV, using laptops and smart phones, and night driving all put a strain on our eyes. Simply apply a gently warmed crystal over a closed eye, or on the skin under the eye for about two minutes. Most experience a flattening of puffy skin and a brightness and clarity to the eyes, but if any aching or pain is experienced, wait until this has subsided as it's doing a deeper repair. If symptoms persist, see a specialist. 

SolRox for temperature regulation

SolRox can help with body temperature issues and circulatory problems too. If you experience hot flushes, overheating or slow temperature regulation after exercise, a cold SolRox crystal will draw heat and improve thermostatic control, regulating body temperature and supplying valuable minerals. If you're cold or have circulatory issues we advise using a warm crystal to draw heat energy as well as improving circulation. 

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Join us!

Join our team and be part of an innovative therapy that combines traditional methods with exciting new techniques. Enjoy the many rewards including faster diagnostics and treatments.


We train and guide you through the process and offer generous financial rewards. Earn and learn, introduce the therapy to your existing clients and observe the dramatic improvements to their health issues.


If you work in Therapy and want to expand your knowledge, skills and income, please contact us and find out more:

Earn & Learn

Therapist of the Month!

Kirsten Luff

Kirsten is a Holistic Therapist based in Surrey, with 20 years experience in various health and healing modalities, including Reflexology, Massage, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Aromatouch, Kinesiology, Psych-K and a multitude of post-graduate study. 

Debbie McIntee

Therapist of the Month!

Debbie is a holistic therapist based in Southend on Sea, Essex. She has developed an innovative Head to Foot massage. Using SolRox lamps for feet and her healing hands for the head, her treatment connects the whole body for a truly blissful experience.

Dr. James Faulkner

Dr. Faulkner has been the Clinic Director at Romford and Ilford Family Chiropractic since 2003. A modern state-of-the-art patient focused health & wellness centre using Chiropractic, brain wellness ( SMT), neuroinfiniti- brain scan, natural medicine and sports therapy.

SolRox at Home


Hand-crafted in the UK from the finest crystalline sea salt, SolRox brings all the benefits of the ocean into your home, helping to remove airborne pathogens and pollutants, and assisting in the treatment of respiratory issues.

Designed for function and beauty, you can treat your hands, feet, joints and back, relax in bed or simply enjoy the warm glow and ambience it creates, and we offer a life time guarantee for indoor use.



SolRox hand-held crystals can be used warm or cold on any part of the body to relieve tension and pain. To heat your crystal, place on top of your Ocean Crystal Lamp Foot Spa until warm (if placing on sensitive skin always make sure the crystal is not too hot first!). You can also heat it gently in the microwave, but take care as it can get very hot. 

For instructions on how to use the Ocean Spa Therapy Lamp, please click on the red square and download the PDF document below.







Get in touch with us now to talk about how SolRox Ocean Spa Therapy can benefit you, your family and your workforce at home or at the office.  We'd love to hear from you!

For information or to book a SolRox therapist today, call:  01932 701003


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